An Interdenominational Registrar of Christian Workers


1. To promote 'ethical ministry behavior' within our societies

2. To promote 'interdenominational unity' in all levels of ministry

Christian workers who are 'voluntary registrants' with the I.A.C.M., represent themselves as 'Christian leaders' who are 'willing to be accountable', not only with their church but with society in general, while serving Christian communities with honesty, integrity and credibility.

The International Administration of Christian Ministry (IACM) was originally founded in 1991, formerly the Administration of Christian Counselors (ACC). In 2000, the ACC expanded its mission to include Christian workers in every level of ministry while changing to the International Administration of Christian Ministry.

While still relatively new, the 'IACM Registry' has now grown worldwide, including churches, ministries, pastors, counselors, missionaries and Christian workers of all denominations.


The I.A.C.M Constitution promotes the following:

The International Administration of Christian Ministry (I.A.C.M.) is a 'public registry' of interdenominational Christian workers, including counselors, pastors, evangelists, ministries and workers etc., (from lay ministry to professional). The I.A.C.M. promotes professional conduct, ethics, and accountability among Christian workers of every level whose purpose is serving, teaching, and helping in society. The I.A.C.M. is a non-profit Christian organization which consists of volunteer members, encouraging ethical behavior of its member registrants for the protection of the Christian church and surrounding communities.

The I.A.C.M. Registry allows the Christian church and general public, to inquire about the legitimacy and credibility of interdenominational Christian workers, in all levels of ministry.

The I.A.C.M. is seeking Christian workers of every level and of every church, to "volunteer" their "ministry information and/or credentials" for the I.A.C.M Registry. Please be aware that 'formal education' is not a criteria for this designation. If you are either a Christian professional or lay ministry worker of any ministry status, we encourage you to register with the International Administration of Christian Ministry.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed"
Proverbs 15:22